More Peak Photos and Other Views

Hong Kong's Central District Hong Kong's Central District. This is where you'll find the bank buildings and corporate headquarters.

Hong Kong's Wan Chai District Hong Kong's Wan Chai district. The former hangout of sailors, hookers, and other interesting people. It has been cleaned up from its former dodgey past, but the slums are alive and kicking.

Hong Kong Island This overexposed picture is a shot of the "far side" of Hong Kong island. There is a small place for boats to dock, but there isn't any development possible on this side of the island or it would be completely overrun, trust me.

Victoria Peak Tram This is the Victoria Peak tram that takes you straight up (at what feels like a 90 degree angle) to the top of the highest point on Hong Kong Island. I snagged this picture from the Hong Kong Tourist Association website because I didn't think to take a picture of the tram while we were there. The guidebooks claimed that locals who live on the side of the mountain take the tram, but all we saw were tourists. It was a rather expensive ride compared to the other forms of public transport we took while we were there, but the view is definitely worth every penny.