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Openbox3 MPD pipemenu

mpd pipemenu example

Simple python script for controlling MPD from an Openbox3 pipemenu. View the current song, play/pause/stop, next/previous, volume, output control, toggle random/repeat, update the database and start/kill the mpd daemon. Simple setup, directions in the comments.

2007-09-09 - Fixed compatibility issue with mpdclient2 version 1.0 vs. 11.1 which I have (Debian).
2007-11-18 - Added play list load/clear support.
2009-01-26 - Changed playlist load behaviour to clear/load/play in one go.
2009-06-30 - Changed order to work better with menu middle set

Openbox3 keybindings toggle

  1. change-rc
  2. status-rc
  3. regen-no-keys
  4. menu.xml snippet
keybind menu example

This is a set of scripts for having a menu entry that lets you toggle on and off your key bindings. The first 2 shell scripts are for toggling the key bindings on/off and generating the pipe-menu entry. The menu entry changes from "Turn On" to "Turn Off" given the current state, so it works as an indicator as well as a switch.