Shell Scripts

This is a collection of a few of my shell (and python) scripts that I've shared with others. Had them around on the site so I thought I'd give them a real home. Tried to add a bit of documentation in a comment at the top of each as well.

Mail Scripts

Script useful for mail. The mutt viewers are particularly handy.

  • mailto - Firefox xterm/mutt caller.
  • mutt_view_html - View html attachment from mutt in web-browser (including attached images).
  • mutt_view_images - View attached images from mutt.
  • corpuscleaner - Python script to clean duplicates and binary attachments (keeping the attachment's headers) out of my spam corpus so it doesn't hog so much space. Useful for those of us who keep around 1000's of spam for training their Bayesian filters.
  • - A python rewrite of the perl program of the same name that comes with bogofilter.

X Shell Scripts

Scripts handy while in X Windows. I have these all bound to keys and use them all the time.

  • terminal-colors [github | debian] - v2.x - Displays charts for 256/88/16 terminal color modes, auto-detecting correct mode for terminal. Also supports converting between 256/88 color values.
  • scx - Spell check primary X selection.
  • wnx - Dictionary lookup of primary X selection.
  • xcopy - Copy primary X selection to clipboard.
  • xpaste - Paste clipboard to primary X selection.

Misc Shell Scripts

Other scripts I've found useful. Use the 2 vim ones quite a bit. Though the memory usage script is the best I've found.

  • vimhelp - Vim help from command line (with zsh completion tip).
  • pager - Vim as page reader (PAGER).
    Used with the above vimhelp and pager scripts.
    • pager.vim - Vim settings to get it to act in a pager like way.
    • man_title.vim - Sets the x-terminal's titlebar to the man page topic.
  • realmemory - Display more accurate memory usage for process/app.