Ai/Alife Howto

From the abstract:

This howto mainly contains information about, and links to, various AI related software libraries, applications, etc. that work on the Linux platform. All of it is free (gratis) for personal use and most of it is truly free (libre).

This is one of my attempts to make a small contribution back to the Free Software community and, more specifically, to The Linux Documentation Project. I have been maintained it now for nearly 18 years now and try to upload a new version once or twice a year. Of course you can always find the most up-to-date version of it here.

Please, if you know of an AI library, application, etc. that I'm missing or that one of my entries has some wrong information, don't hesitate to drop me a quick note at Thanks.

You can either read the latest in-progress version online (html), download the compressed sgml source (gzip) or find it in various formats at the linux documentation project.

As I hate to delete anything, I've kept around all my old release notes and the resource links section from an ancient version of the howto. Not sure how useful they will be to anyone, but there they are.